Want To Maximize Your Space ? Check 6 Surprising Tips

Do you have a very small bedroom? So small that you have to struggle to make the bed because there is almost no space between the bed and the wall? You can reach the kettle in the kitchen from your tiny living room? Or when the family visits for the first time, they are astounded because they can’t find the rest of the apartment? Well, whether you have a rather tiny room or a small studio apartment… you can make the best of what your have. A small space can be turned in to a beautiful place, and there are some tips that can help you to turn it into a unique and trendy home.

Want To Maximize Your Space ? Check 6 Surprising Tips

Zone It:
With limited space at your disposal, functionality is an important factor. If you want to create effective living space, you need to take each room’s function into consideration. Think about which activities are taking place there, like eating, sleeping relaxing or working. Now you can carefully divide the whole area into different sections for each of those activities. It is vital to make sure that there is a sleek transformation in your place. Be careful not to place your furniture in an obstructive way, so that you can move freely.

Go Big:
When your living space is smaller, use bigger furniture, but fewer pieces. It might sound like a strange idea, but we can assure you that small pieces will let your home look even smaller. Choose furniture which will lend you some flexibility and which can serve a double purpose. Opt for a table which can serve as a dining table as well as an office desk. If you have friends that visit frequently, it will be a good idea to purchase daybeds which can also be guest beds. Look for pieces which can fulfill the roll it has too, but also have some storage space. Choose each piece with care to make it count. It is a good idea to choose items which you can transform or rearrange like flip tops and collapsible folding chairs. Make an investment into wireless technology; you don’t want to disarrange your space with tangled cables of your different apparatus.

Want To Maximize Your Space ? Check 6 Surprising Tips

Proper Lighting:
The right amount of light is crucial if you want to change a room’s appearance. Let In all the natural light you can. Don’t use heavy curtains, but use material which will let in natural sunshine. If there is not enough natural light then add some artificial lights to enhance your home. In a good designed house there will be three basic kinds of lights – task, general and ambient. With the proper lighting we can assure you that your small place will feel and look more spacious.

Add Visual Continuity:
Rooms which are even-toned will give the impression that it is larger and you should remember this when you choose your colour scheme. Neutrals and white will always remain classic. However, then you should select your furniture and other décor in similar tones. Incorporate intense and deep colours if you want to go for a contrasting design.

Opt For Vertical:
If you want to use wallpaper select those with lines which go from the top to the bottom. This will add accent which will enlarge your space, visually. This should apply to storage too, so when you are adding your shelving, ensure that it will complement the entire interior.

If you live in a small home, get rid of all clutter which will only make your place look even smaller. Clear your home regularly and keep it clutter-free. With only the essentials and regular cleaning your home will have space to breathe.

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